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I attended one of Andy’s basic sessions where we had a 3 hour one on one class. Coupled with the books Andy has produced I found this to be the most informative class I have ever done. It was easy to produce results and his knowledge of photography is exceptional. He encourages flicking off that “Auto” setting and I found that I didn’t look back. Thanks Andy for an excellent session. I can’t wait to go deeper
Andy offers a practical hands-on approach for newcomers to photography. I really improved my understanding of the essential parts of shooting. What I liked about Andy’s instruction is that he cut quickly to the chase without getting lost in technical detail. I’m happy to say my manual mode photography has greatly improved
Your photography class has helped me to improve my camera skills significantly, the class was effective and full of practical exercises delivered in a relaxed environment, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the class and also managed to capture some really nice photos on my recent trips, thanks to you!
My son and I attended Andy’s DSLR workshop in 2007… From there I learnt a lot about photography. I’m more into the gear than the photography, really. Great photography sifu to me, and a pleasant gentleman to ask anything about photography and camera gear. From the class I practised more, that helped a lot. If I have time I would like to join your Pro class.
Andy is a well-known wedding photographer here in Malaysia and I recommend the SimpleSLR workshops. This particular workshop was all focused on lighting techniques (natural, simple flash and low-cost studio lighting). Very cool for anyone who likes photography and wants a bit of challenge!
Had a great time with Andy and the group.. learnt the fundamental basics of the Digital SLR photography and very interesting tricks in photography which I’m sure will come to use in the near future. Laid back class and felt like it was a one to one basis as it’s very small group. Got all my questions answered for now… Hope to join the next level when I’m in Malaysia next… Thanks Andy!!
I would like to say a BIG thank you to you for your patience and the approach you use to conduct the workshop last Sunday which I found most appropriate for those who are new to DSLR cameras. I would not hesitate to recommend my friends to attend. I have been using my dslr camera for the past few months but do not know the right way to handle the camera at different situations (by asking around did not help). I really learned alot from you within this short time of a few hours as there were so many questions in my mind that I wanted to ask and you have answered them. Your workshop has been really a help to me.
Was glad my friend introduced it. I learnt quite a few things, especially about certain techniques and tricks which we haven’t been exposed to. I’d visited your website prior to that and found the contents very helpful, resourceful and encouraging (well, at least it inspires the thought that someday, maybe we could achieve that kind of images too ;)). It won’t be the last time we’ll be visiting your website. Your deep pool of knowledge and experience is pretty evident overall. Hope you keep sharing with others the passion!
I thoroughly enjoyed your class as it was easy to follow and enjoyable. As a 14 yr old I thought I would not fit in but on the contrary it is great for all age groups. Your e book is simple and easy to follow. I now have to convince my parents for a better lens and looking at the pictures I have taken since, it would not be difficult to convince them. Thank you!
This class teaches you simple and methodical ways of using lights to enhance and give that WOW factor to your photos. I’ve learnt a great deal from this class and Andy gives excellent tips. Worth every cent spent!
Your photo class is very useful in opening a door to every beginners to catch up with Digital photography. How about an intermediate or advance course? Count me in.
It was extremely helpful and I would like to compliment you on your ability to share information and educate.
I would like to say a thank you note to you for the class. I think i have learnt a great deal and your enthusiasm helps. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for your very informative class. I learned various techniques that would enable me to maximize the usability of my Nikon D90. I also find using aperture mode is kinda handy. like you said, when we are traveling, we would normally prefer to absorb the moment personally and not only via the lens. so, i picked up something useful.
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